Sue Miller D.

I totally recommend Donna O’Hara as your family’s advocate in elder care.

Facing challenges of aging family members has been a very difficult realization and solution process. My brother recently passed away and there are not enough words to describe the help his wife and our family received from Geriatric Care Advisors, LLC.

Donna O’Hara has assisted, advised and sometimes literally carried us during the transition from independent living, home health care, hospitalization, rehab facilities, assisted living, nursing home type care, hospice and ultimately the death and funeral of my brother.

She coordinated the listing, sale and closing of their personal residence, as well in their transitions from different care levels.  Her honesty and integrity are evident in everything she does. She is kind, knowledgeable, capable and totally family friendly.  She made a strategical  plan of action and care every time there was an emergency or the time arose.  She was always available for doctor’s appointments, both transport and physical presence, and was totally open to family members being there as well.  She took absolutely impeccable notes to share with other attending physicians and family.

Donna conferred with both my brother and his wife about financial matters, paid their bills, had their powers of attorney, directed them to competent financial and legal advisors and basically gave them (and us) peace of mind.  Totally qualified by her continuing education in Medicare and Geriatric issues she is aware of medical and federal programs we had no idea were even available. 

She is able to make suggestions and file paperwork that makes things happen more quickly for the better.  She is always available to discuss any situation with perfect and easily understood explanations, and willing to answer any questions that arise.  She listens to concerns and responds positively.

She is truly an advocate for her clients and their families.  She is a voice for them in every situation.  I have only seen the very best situation for my brother and his wife because of her determination and ability to coordinate for them.  She has earned respect from the administrative and medical community and most of all from previous and existing clients.  Donna takes the time to investigate all avenues for the best possible outcome.  She is The Best!

Sue Miller D. 

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