“In today’s world, understanding what to do and where to go can be quite overwhelming and time consuming.” KM

“Donna O’Hara has assisted, advised and sometimes literally carried us during the transition from independent living, home health care, hospitalization, rehab facilities, assisted living, nursing home type care, hospice and ultimately the death and funeral of my brother.”

“I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much your help eases my mind and allows me to sleep.  [ Dad ], adores you, and you have been instrumental in improving his quality of life.  – S. S

“I cannot give Donna a high enough rating. She has saved my father, and given me piece of mind, both of which are priceless. I would recommend hiring her to anyone who has a family member in assisted living, or is considering moving into assisted living….”  – K.G, MD     

“Donna O’Hara is their Geriatric Care Manager and Elder Care Coordinator. She has done many wonderful things to help us in the months past such as helping us find a much needed place to live, Dominion Village, a lovely assisted living facility. She has found just the right person to whom we might sell our possessions, and was a great help…”   – G & M

“Her visits are always timely and scheduled far enough in advance that we have time to prepare any questions or discussions we might need or want to make She never rushes decisions without sufficient discussion.”   – D & J M

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