Geriatric Care Advisors, LLC – A business dedicated to prolonging the independence and quality of life for seniors.  With services designed to help you weed through the complexities of senior care, let us assist you in any of the following areas:

Services Provided
  • Advocate for client’s care; act as liaison between family and care providers 
  • Offer counseling and support clients and their families regarding medical, legal and financial issues
  • Perform in-home evaluations to determine appropriate level of care
  • Accompany clients to medical appointments 
  • Arrange and oversee in-home health care
  • Provide home visits to monitor blood pressure, medication, nutrition and safety
  • Referral and placement assistance for long term care
  • Provide support for filing for government benefits 
  • Serve in a fiduciary capacity, such as guardian, conservator, power of attorney, and/or medical power of attorney

Geriatric Care Adivisors of Hampton Roads provided excellent service in insuring the proper level of care for my elderly parent while a resident of a skilled nursing facility. Their expertise in both geriatric issues and geriatric nursing assured our family that our mother was receiving proper care when family members were not physically able to visit”  MM

Work with the areas most caring and trusted advisor. I act as an advocate for your loved ones and provide geriatric care coordination and will be with you every step of the way.

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